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Our therapist use a variety of manual body work modalities to meet your individual needs. Our standard rate for massage therapy are $45 per 30 minutes, $80 per 60 minutes, and $120 per 90 minutes.    

Float Therapy - Coming soon!

Sensory deprivation has a long history of efficacy calming down high-excitation lifestyles. If you want to truly unwind and detach from the world we will load you in our Urth Escape Pod for 30-90 minutes with as much or as little deprivation as you feel comfortable with. 

Reflexive Performance Reset

RPR is a standardized protocol that costs $40 and takes about 20-30 minutes. It is not very relaxing, but will leave you feeling rejuvenated in many ways. Regular resets will greatly benefit your nervous and lymphatic system over time; especially for athletes.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

The Sunlighten IR Dry Sauna is designed to make you hot. This therapy increases blood flow, encourages cellular regeneration, and rapidly clears toxins from the body. Ask us about our memberships and pricing.

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Stephen Pruitt, MS, LMT 2387

Asia Bass, BS, LMT 2602

Riley Ware, LMT 2596

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114 Dees Dr, Madison, Mississippi 39110, United States

(601) 812-7166


If the doors are locked during business hours we may be with a client or close by. Call or text the spa phone. 

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